The technology needs in the Energy Sector are vast and so are the solutions available these days. The top tier, global Systems Integration companies in this space are often very rigid and place selling their own proprietary solutions ahead of addressing your needs. Having a strategic partner with the experience to help you identify the right solutions, implement them and then help you squeeze the value out of those solutions can be both unique and critical to your bottom line. Data Consultants has provided this approach in the area of Security, Data, Safety technologies and Specialty controls to the Oil and Gas, Alternative and Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels industries for nearly two decades.

High-Compression Security Solutions for VSAT deployments

Often times, the boots on the ground in the Energy sector find themselves in extremely remote areas or off-shore where the ability to leverage technology is very challenging. Over the years, Data Consultants has built long lasting partnerships with solution manufacturers whose products are uniquely suited for these difficult and harsh environments. Clean and reliable power, Unreliable and often very small internet connections, etc. If you face these challenges too, we can help design and implement technology solutions to address your operational needs.

Engineered Life Safety and Controls

Life Safety technology can be pretty clear cut with so many regulations and codes that govern the implementation and maintenance of these systems for facilities. What about when it is not so clear cut though and your operations raise security, fire and hazard concerns that  are more complex? Flame detection, Video verification, Open path Gas Detection are among several specialty technologies Data Consultants has engineered into Life Safety and SCADA control systems to protect fleets, hazardous work areas and a myriad of high value assets to achieve the best possible results. Are you facing these types of challenges and need a partner?

Design-Plan Review

When it comes to Specialty systems, especially where portions are regulated, it is important to have a strong industry partner with not only a license but over 30 years of experience both in systems engineering and also systems installation and service. AHJ's often times have significantly less experience or working knowledge in these types of systems which are many times not required and therefore not directly addressed by the code, rather the AHJ's fall back on building oriented life safety codes that do not directly apply. Our team of licensed and knowledgeable Life Safety engineers are specifically able to speak the AHJ's language and take extra time to educate throughout the plan review and final inspection processes. This can save tremendous time and dollars by eliminating surprises and accurately applying codes.

Installation, Service, Certification and Commissioning

We take your project, in all its stages, very seriously. Doing an excellent job for you and helping you realize the value of your investment is paramount to who we are and how we do things. When we turn the system over to you at the end of an installation or a service visit, we are certifying that we have thoroughly reviewed the system(s) and ensured that they are operational and functioning to all applicable manufacturers, owners, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ)'s specifications, including our own stringent standards.

Factor Acceptance Testing

Having a well-defined and executed Factory Acceptance Testing process (FAT) that's based on an equally well thought out Functional Requirements Document (FRD) can dramatically reduce costs, improve safety and the overall success and effectiveness of a project. Right sizing an (FRD) and an (FAT) process on your project can eliminate surprises, align expectations and responsibilities. Shoring these up will always go directly to reducing costs and your overall happiness.

Project Management

We want your project to be successful too, our name is on it. Whether we are managing an entire project or managing our scope of work, we remain eager to ensure accountability across the entire project and to play an integral role in ensuring you realize the full value of the intended solution.  

Solutions at a Glance...

In the energy sector, safety and availability are paramount. Where ROI is high and immediate, risk is higher if the proper safety, security, monitoring, and reporting measures aren't implemented. We can provide the specialized solutions you need to maximize that ROI and minimize risk.

  • High-Compression Security solutions for VSAT deployments
  • Engineered Life Safety and Controls
  • Design-Plan Review and Permitting
  • Installation, Service, Certification and Commissioning
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Project Management