Compliance is just one factor in your strategy to reduce costs and risk. Regulations will continue but risk evolves and your strategy will need to evolve as well toward a mindset of acceptable risk levels. Our team can be essential to bolstering your strategies by staying ahead of the evolving regulations and risks to your tangible and intangible assets, our strong systems engineering background and our passion for helping your organization succeed.

Technology Installation and Service Standards Development and Enforcement

For nearly 40 years, we have assisted our customers in the development and enforcement of technology and controls standards that maintain many levels of compliance while increasing operational efficiencies and reducing overall costs. Our involvement in the design, installation and maintaining of several hundreds of different Specialty Control, Security and Life Safety and IT platforms has given us a strong foundation.

Systems Management, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development and Enforcement

It takes a holistic approach to maximize the effectiveness of a managed system. Monitoring alone does not get the job done, it requires the management of systems performance, adherence to a well-developed SOP, routine maintenance and vigilant measurements of the systems overall effectiveness. Our comprehensive recertification program raises the bar on accountability and effectiveness, resulting in increased value realization.

Life Safety, Security and Controls Audit, Planning and Implementation

You are well aware that for some systems, Regulation(s) and Code(s) require annual inspections and maintenance to help ensure these systems will function when called upon, however all too often due to lack of good planning and the resulting lack of budgeted monies, these systems can fall into disrepair and can quickly diminish the value they once brought. When you find yourself in this position, you are rapidly moving toward the necessity to completely overhaul the entire system which further drives you into the potential hole of large capital investments for a brand new system. Why not turn things around today by working with our team to assess the condition and effectiveness of your systems who can assist you in a path forward, back towards the value proposition and compliance.

Specialized Systems Design, Integration and Certification

Today's energy sector relies on specialized technologies. On-Shore and Off-Shore drilling operations; LNG/CNG (Natural Gas) metering and fueling stations, Renewable Energy Plants are among many whose ability to maintain operations and the safety of their employees and customers is mission-critical. Technology solutions like VSAT-Satellite Communications, the detection and mitigation of Methane Gas, Sparks and Flames, etc., require a high level of complex controls, secure communications and effective notification and response. Our vast experience in these areas together with our expertise in the convergence of IT, Security and Life Safety and Controls Infrastructures can help you achieve the Operational and Safety Requirements you are reaching for and maximize your investment.

Project Management

The overall success of your projects depends heavily on experienced coordination, management and accountability. In particular with regulated and specialized systems that often are specifically geared towards Safety and Security as well as mission-critical operations.

Solutions at a Glance...

We strive to build a deep relationship with our customers, and in doing so identify a path to best cater to overall goals and business objectives, especially as they relate to safety and compliance, both on a corporate and branch level.

  • Technology installation and service Standards development and Enforcement
  • Systems management, SOP development and Enforcement
  • Life Safety, Security Technology Audit, Planning and Implementation
  • Specialized Systems Design, Integration and Certification
  • Project Management